ARTIST: 446 Arjuna - Comic and Graphic Novel Illustrator
446 Arjuna

I haunted the Accademia di Belle arti in Florence until 2008, Painting, and the Scuola internazionale di comics in Florence. After this I start with self productions until 2010 where I started the graphic novel “Bullet Ballad” for EDIZIONI BD published in 2011.
Since 2012 I start to work for US and Indian Publishers working for GRAPHIC INDIA at 2 series (Mistry P.I. and Shikari Force: Hunters) and for ONI PRESS on the serie Made Men and also for the italian SERGIO BONELLI EDITORE.
But I don’t work just for the comics industry. Recently I did the illustrations for the boardgame “Posthuman” and the videogame version “Posthuman Sanctuary” for the publisher Mighty Box.
Now I'm working for the US and European market in comics, concepts and illustrations.
My work can be different in according with the type of commission you need. I do use brushes, inks and analog techniques, but I also create illustrations working entirely in digital media.

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