Lady in the Tub

Hi there!
I've just finished this new illustration and I thought I´d let you know about it – you know while I'm still happy with it.


It's about one week old, so yeah, we're in a hurry here.


You see, I've always loved good colour combinations. That "perfect chord“ feeling when putting together fabrics for my fashion work or painting the kitchen to go with that heritage grandpa´s tea set. (Oh yes, that IS the order I use. Teacups first, painting follows) But lately it´s been even more prominent in my life somehow. I started to write colour combinations onto the chalkboard in the entrance hall. So, you know, when someone came over and saw raspberry+mustard with ten exclamation marks, they usually decided not to stay for dinner. And I started to have these sudden walk-stops that make my BF uneasy. Like walking down the street and suddenly stopping to "save“, "save as“ and "backup“ that certain combination of yellow house, white door and coral-pink roses.


Hence, in this moodboard living of mine, it doesn´t come as a surprise that my sunday Lush baths (hello and I love you) ended up in yet another image in my "to do“ folders. A girl in a turquoise bath, white hair, fuchsia flowers. Sounds great! don´t see turquoise in the finished pic, do you? I know. And you will not, my apologies :) There´s this precarious little thing called My Workflow. How does yours look like? Do you make a sketch or two? Do you give it a splash of good ol´analogue colouring to see whether the picture in your head matches? Do you scan and import it to your clean and fresh user interfaces? Yah, me too!


Do you trace it all and colour it in as intended? Do you keep the final image in your mind and ambitiously get it done with discipline? Oh, our paths have parted, my friend... By now my monitor has something central resembling my original sketch and also looking...rather psychedelic. Then there are three copies of it freely placed around the screen playing with other colour combination I allowed myself to try. And then, on page 3 or 5 just for fun of it, I try to make hair blue and water purple, because why not, right? Blue hair is horrid, duh, but this purple may have some potential, so let´s make a copy and place it there...somewhere...


Many hours later. 
The lines are perfect and neat, the layers are somewhat... tidy, stolen edges are banished, and tangents are nowhere to be found. The trickiest part – layering the water planes and cutting out the shapes for body and hair to pop up from the water (or to dive deeper in) is done and singing with pride. All this in three colour combinations which has just got through a long and rough elimination process. The purple water didn´t make it. The Moi is thinking about finishing that Sophie's choice book to see if it helps. I love them all. The world doesn't care.

But no, no, don't worry, I always manage to pick just one in the end and I'm always happy about it either way. Just this time my turquoise gave space to vintage-y warm combination of softs and pales. No drama.


Just my usual workflow. :)

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