Inspiring mail

There are certain books that leave an impression on you, especially as an artist,  and a copy of one of them just arrived in the post

Two of the books, whose illustrations had the most impact one me were both illustrated by the incredibly talented Victor G.Ambrus , whose work you might recognise from the years he spent on Time Team. The first was  ‘The Tales of King Arthur’ and the second that I now have sat on next to me on my desk is ‘Robin Hood – His Life and Legend’. 

Ambrus' beautiful ink illustrations give a really atmospheric feel to the book, his use of colour, line and texture has been a huge influence on me and my work. Now for the first time in about 20 years I can again be inspired by these amazing illustrations, but more importantly for me so can my two boys.


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King Leo story character
Wine girl
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Par_Bay_Maps illustration vector
D model illustration of a medieval monk for a childrens book
Bulletin infographic cover illustration
Escape illustration
Julianne Moore caricature portrait illustration
Alma in T Pose - LookDev Render

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