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KJA have a lust for spotting the newest creative talents from around the world and offering their abilities to our ever expanding client list. If you have a genuinely unique illustrative or animation talent and are motivated, hard working and wish to create a name for yourself in this industry, email KJA with a representative range of images that show your repertoir and we will quickly get back to you.

We are also very interested to hear from talented, experienced illustrators and animators who wish to be represented by a friendly, ever expanding illustration agency, with enormous drive and a flair for finding regular lucrative work for their artists.

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Keith Lemon Comedy Celebrity
Game concept key scene with futuristic soldiers in battle with aliens illustration
smoking woman devil angel
unFair Horse illustration
Food & drink vector illustration for Hampton court Palace
 Acid Rain2.F
Small Penguin and Elephant seating under Big Umbrella
New Look Graphic Pattern illustration

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