ARTIST: 402 Liv - Painterly and Vector Illustrator
402 Liv

My name is Liv and I was born in Taipei, Taiwan. For many years I worked as a professional chef but after my daughter was born I decided it was time for a career change and went after my other dream of becoming an illustrator.

Iíve always loved drawing and when my daughter arrived I found myself constantly doodling so I thought ďhey, Iím going to join an illustration course and see what happensĒ. Turns out it was an awesome move. After five years of studying Iíve had books published, worked with all kinds of customers and had the opportunity to work on all kinds of fun projects.

My work style is to sketch things first then using the proper digital tools, I redraw the lines then colour everything in digitally. Finally I add textures I created myself and thatís it.

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