ARTIST: 314 Keith - Steampunk & Digital Illustrator
I have previously had a long career within the Computer Games industry producing artwork for numerous high profile games such as Star Wars, Harry Potter and Alien and thus I am adept at using most Adobe products such as Photoshop and Illustrator but also being proficient at utilizing more traditional illustration media such as Acrylics, Oils,Pen?Ink etc.
My career in the games Industry has given me the confidence and experience to grapple tight deadlines, adapt quickly to changing briefs and, above all, maintain consistently high standards and attention to detail.
My main interest is in book cover and greeting card illustration but I have a versatility that allows me to take on any form of illustration if called upon to do so, from logos to Concept art.
Most of my style is influenced by Mid-century advertising coupled with the effect and advantages of utilizing present day digital technology such as Illustrator, Photoshop etc. Email

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