ARTIST: 186 Dave - 3D Caricature Illustrator
186 Dave

Artist, illustrator and sculptor David has been creating the magic of his unique look in character-driven content for more than 25 years, earning the reputation as a master creator and designer in the entertainment / commercials industry.

His sculpted foam puppet characters have been seen the world over in television series, celebrity specials, tv commercials and feature films. He has created and designed graphic spokespersons for print advertising, toy lines, children's books, sculpted collectibles and character driven projects for the likes of Hallmark Cards, Chevron, McDonalds, Enslow Publishing, Gaylord Entertainment and the Walt Disney Company, to name a few. Unlike most artists, he can completely develop a project from initial creation and renderings to final 2D art or finished 3D sculpture, whatever the need may be.

David brings a unique perspective to his work for children's books and textbooks, as he also holds a Master's Degree in Education.

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