ARTIST: 176 Dan - Children's Illustrator
176 Dan

My art infuses a blend of pop, cartooning, modernism and tribalism along with an explosion of vibrant colors. My formal education at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts allowed me the time to develop a deep understanding of the history of art through the ages and had a profound impact on my own personal style. I work in multiple ways, sometimes free style and sometimes the art is carefully planned out. I always have several works in progress at the same time as it allows me to create layers and reflect on the work. Paintings may sit in the studio half finished for long periods before I continue work on them. My objective is to create art that has inner dimensionality and is in rhythm with the primal vibration. It is also a reflection of modern culture fused with ancient civilization. A kind of ambiguous hieroglyphics for the twenty first century. I often use humor and sometimes the subject matter is a juxtapositioning of the ridiculous and the sublime.

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