The curious but true story of a wee Scottish rat called Ackroyd

My name is Peter, and my activity as an illustrator began many, many years ago when I was working in a research lab in Cambridge of all places! When I was not researching, I was posting a comic strip called "The perfect eyes of Science" on the Departmental notice board where I worked. This production rather mysteriously ended up one day on the desk of a science journal editor, and this in turn led to my first official magazine commission for a comic strip entitled "The Post-Docs of Rap". In fact, Post-Docs ended up running for some ten years, and was published in the pages of an international journal of biochemistry called TIBS.  During which time I left research science completely to work in art and illustration, where I've been following my path ever since ! 

So where on earth does Ackroyd come in to all this ? 


As I have drawn projects that touch on science, on animals, in addition to art for children's books and more, my subjects are in fact really rather diverse. Some years ago I was looking for a way to present them in a coherent way. I finally hit upon the simplest idea of all : an A to Z ! 


Since I didn't have any animal characters beginning with either an A or a Z (!), I ended up having to invent them rather quickly, and my A to Z became "From Ackroyd to Zanizbar".




How Ackroyd became known as Ackroyd is not so mysterious either! My favorite English author has always been Peter Ackroyd. I first discovered his writing with Hawksmore, his novel about the 17th century English architect, contemporary of Christopher Wren, who built very beautiful and very mysterious churches in London. As it turned out I was actually reading the first volume of Ackroyd's "History of England" as I was beginning my A to Z ! My favorite author thus unwittingly gifted me his family name for my small Scottish Rat.  Thank you kindly, Peter Ackroyd !!


So this is the curious but true story  of how Ackroyd finally became Ackroyd ! He is quite a canny fellow really with a West Coast sense of humor, enjoys pinching halo's, wild sledging, never says no to a Wagamama, and of course flies Bi-planes near to passenger airlines which is especially dangerous over the Highlands and Islands. Ackroyd is often accompanied by Zanzibar, a hedgehog (of course). These are some of Ackroyd's adventures !Enjoy ! 



Ackroyd's  Greetings for Hogmanay 2013… 


Ackroyd Jetting around… 
Ackroyd heading for Aviemore or a bumpy ending ? 
Ackroyd heading North (again ?)


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