Starting a Journey

Shifting into second gear is easy in a car.

For an illustrator getting your career into second gear can feel like getting out and pushing (even downhill).

I took me a while to realise that my competition would be the best in the world and everyone who’s nipping at their heels.

My early efforts once leaving university were met with silence; even the stuff that had been given distinction grades wasn’t creating the ripples and shocking the illustration world like I was assured they would.

So I resolved (after a brief hiatus of giving up) to create a new style for my work, one which was deliberately clear, so there could be no mistaking the effectiveness of my ability to communicate the message of my work.

I presented my strengths and hid my weaknesses, training to overcome them behind the smartly presented image online.

And through this Rocky style montage of digital shadow boxing and honing my skills a passion for simply creating images emerged, and has become a very necessary part of my lifestyle.

Sometimes I think that the client can stand to know, I really love doing this.

I’m in second gear now, my work is ready for the right projects and I want to align it with exciting brands and objectives so that I can continue onto the motorway, where I just want to keep my foot on the pedal.


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