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I've carried around for some time a vague memory of once, perhaps as a kid, or maybe found in a corner of some charity shop or pal's bookshelf, seeing a children's book of sports, wherein some prodigiously talented artist had mined each sport for its unique aesthetic glory, and illustrated each page and spread deliciously in the sort of style you might find somewhere within the breadth of this particularly beloved Tumbr. 

Yet in all the years since, despite all the additional and ever-growing help of a billion connected computers, I've still never managed to track down such a thing, and as time wears on I'm starting to resign myself to the probability that I only ever dreamt it. (Though if it does ring any bells out there, I'd be indebted to receive any pointers).

Still, while waiting for this probably invented fragment of an unlived past to ever get round to turning up, I thought I might as well get cracking on recreating it myself in the meantime, at least to the best of my rather less prodigious talents, and with apologies to whomever, for blatant breach of a possibly never-registered copyright.

I had a number of these in my head, pictured and ready to go, but the one which sprang quickest to mind was one of racing cars whizzing round a track. Conversely, though I'd spring quickest to my own armchair to enjoy most sports, I've managed to maintain a lifetime's immunity to the charms of Formula 1. I'm assured by cultured and trusted friends that there is indeed rich enjoyment to be found therein, even in the most serious injury, crash and explosion-free Grand Prix.

What I can't deny though is that racing cars are bloody ace to draw.

Here's a snippet of the work in progress, at various key pitstops.

Next up will be cricket. Sneak preview of work in progress here. 

Funnily enough in the process of writing this, I've unearthed a blogpost about a book which matches the style, vintage and subject matter of my feebly recalled memory.

Gorgeous as it is though, it's still not quite the book of my dreams.

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