Philips lighting with a bit of Disney magic

Hi Everyone,

I have been out of it for a while so thought i'd kick this latest blog off with a project I finished a little whiles back but has now gone live on Philips website.

The brief initially started off as a single scamp, but the client liked the initial drawing so much that it was commissioned to final illustration stage along with 3 others. The idea was to show innovative ways children can enjoy using their Disney lights, by creating their own play dens.

Only one is currently going, while the other 3 will be on show soon. click the links below to see it in action:


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Oliver Wyman
Wander postcard  travel lettering graphic illustration
36  SSE
medieval knight
digital 3d woman outside jewlers with big diamond ring
woman in kettle dinner party story
glass fitter.F
Pterodactylus 3D illustration
lighting scheme

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