Mysterious World

One of the great things about being a Dad is that you can make stuff for your kids !


Mysterious world is a story without words that I'm drawing for my daughter who lives in France. I post these drawings on line every now and again, and they tell the story of a little girl who was befriended by a crow. Much of my work begins in those tiny Moleskine note books, the ones that can slip in a pocket,  get lost, and then reappear mysteriously !!


Each drawing is scanned directly from the pages of my Moleskine, and hence the slightly yellow hue. I love creating with just a pencil and a notebook. I can work anywhere, at home, in a café, en voyage


I also enjoy seeing how the story will unfold, as not even I know the ending. The story will doubtless visit several other cities, several woods and forests, and of course a little cottage somewhere far off in the hills. Perhaps there will be a fox and a horse too ? All will be revealed in time, as the Mysterious World reveals itself. 












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