Love and bananas are here

Over the years I've enjoyed working with musicians who have commissioned my art for their CD packaging. Working outside of mainstream labels, I have been given a great deal of freedom to interpret their music visually, and develop ways of working with illustration and typography. Valentine's Zoo is perhaps the most figurative cover and combined both paintings and pastel drawings which were then brought together in photoshop.

For Love and Bananas are here, I took the lead from a story told by one of the musicians, whose six year old son was playing his father's piano one day. His Dad asked what the name of the piece was. His son replied :"Love and bananas are here". That became the title for the album, and the shirt that figures on the cover was lent to me by my own son who was around 6 at the time…

Portrait in black and white grew from some coastal drawings done from memory of the dunes and beachscapes I frequented as a child in the North East of Scotland. The rather hard lines, the movement of the wind are all incorporated into these images.

The last cover shown is for a recording of Bach's incredible Goldberg variations. Having thought a great deal about how to approach Bach's music, I finally decided to do the drawings in one sitting, as I listened to the pianist perform "live" as it were. Everything had to be drawn within one playing, and as such, it was my own "live performance". After the complete series was concluded, I then built the cover art in successive stages. The discipline of listening to Bach, and then preparing for my own "live" rendering gave the cover a tonicity that wouldn't have been achieved otherwise.

I have to say I've been very lucky in working with musicians who have appreciated my approach, and these covers are amongst my favorite pieces of illustration.

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