Well it's official, i've now joined the 2.4 children statistic with the birth of our baby girl last month and to say that family life is one heck of a juggle was meaning it mildly.

So, what is the trick to being a parent while still being able to commit to your work schedule? for me it's been 5am wake-ups, 6km runs, a shot of coffee (possibly 2) and a good breakkie and then down to work, before heading home and spending what time i have with my kids before it's time for bed. After some dinner it's then back to the skecth pad for more planning and comps.

This doesn't mean that i'm a machine, and to be honest you need to have a break from work and prioritise what
is important - for me it's the kids and they'll always come first. Work is fun (and necessary), but it will always be there in one form or another, my children won't be young forever, so treasuring the little moments i have with
them is my way to relax and inspire, working to hard burns you out and then you'll be no good to anyone.
Of course none of this would be possible without having a great wife to support me as well as giving me a kick up the backside (especially nappy duty).

At the moment the commissions i have are still in the early stages, so i've been able to squeeze in a personal illustration (WIP) this month -

Any advice or pointer in the meantime to you manage family life, please share.

all the best

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