Geometric Approach to Illustration

My natural illustation style is geometric and symmetrical. Whether I'm working on a new branding project, book cover, infographic, editorial or motion graphics project - this is consistently the approach I take. The final geometric visual is a result of the process I take in breaking all elements in the composition to basic shapes and building from there. When asked to describe my process I talk about the semi mathematical way I set myself a challenge of working to a certain number of degrees in my line work and constructing with a certain set of shapes. 

From an early age I've been inspired by the shapes and colours of the art deco movement, from poster art to furniture. I love to reimagine modern themes in this styling - for me its a look and feel that will always be current, when executed properly. There is a great jazz cocktail bar in Leicester. They have an entire wall covered in my art deco inspired poster art. That styling really sets off the whole environment. When I'm working with a client brief thats quite open in terms of the styling they want, this will often be the route I'll want to explore. I often add texture to this work in the form of a grain, this really adds an element of finesse to the styling to give the work that aged feel. 

I tend to have two routes of execution across all my work. My more modern look tends to have a more colourful, humourous character edge to it. What I love about the art deco work I do is it naturally has a more sophisticated feel to it. Having that balance in my work I need for my sanity!

You can see below a couple of examples of this styling, more can be found in my portfolio.


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