Fruit Packaging Illustration

I've had a long career as an Artist, mostly in Animation, but for most of the past Decade I've been Illustrating in Branding and Packaging, mostly in Beverages. This involved providing assets for the Graphic Designers, Visuals for presentations and Photography for Packaging, Brochures and Publishing.

Within all that, there was quite a lot of Fruit.

Dependant on the requirements of the brief, It could go in one of Three ways. For a Graphic look I didn't need a vast amount of reference and the priority would be to marry up the Illustration with the rest of the design so as to negate any one element standing out too much. (Think 'Naked' Smoothies for example).

For more realistic Illustrations I'd use the interwebs for images and my Illustrations (or Photography) would be in separate elements, not a composition, because I was working for several Designers with their own Ideas about the composition within their own Design. I would usually use coloured Pencils as a starting point and for a more Painterly finish I would smooth out the Pencil in Photoshop.

For Photography I would have to go shopping and it would involve a great deal of inspection, attracting suspicious looks from the staff as I attempt to find the most Photogenic examples. My employers didn't feel it necessary to provide me with the equipment you would assume would be needed such as lights, a Macro Camera, basic stuff I know! I used my own Bridge Camera, a Fuji Finepix, nothing special there then, and I had to use my imagination to get the results needed. This would mean shooting outside at certain times of day, sometimes even using direct Sunlight to capture the glitter of juice on cut Fruit, especially for dryish fruit like Apples where I'd resort to spraying a mist of Water to exaggerate the shine. In fact, the more exaggerated I could make the subject, the less retouching I'd have to do, even though I had an enormous amount of retouching anyway, sometimes to the point of working over every Pixel, especially for soft Fruits like Strawberries and the Cells of Citrus Fruit.


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