Character Portraits

Any down time I have from client projects I love working on character portraits, usually of sporting stars. As these things can, they often lead on to client work who require either new character creation or portraits of well known stars.

I've included a couple of recent examples. You can see from here I have two styles of character work. The Zlatan Ibrahimovic portrait has been done in what I describe as my 'paper fold' style. When scamping this work I imagine the figure as a piece of origami - you can see how using shadows and sharp edges I create this feel.

The other style has a more life like quality to it. More detail in facial areas, a mix of heavy lines and block shapes. I love adding a comic element to these, often by exaggerating physical elements like the calves on Ryan Giggs below. 

Colour is a huge consideration for me too. I'm naturally drawn to more pastel like palettes. 

Get in touch if you want to discuss my character work or have a project and you think my style could be relevant.

All the best!

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